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Travel and other Jottings

During February and March I flew over the flooded Sturt Creek Crossing along the Tanami Track. The Sturt Creek Both the Sturt Creek and this location had been worked on during 2005 to minimise forced closure of the road because of flooding. However, the 2006 wet season has closed the road for several weeks as well as eroding away some of the roadworks. The photo was taken on March 3rd, 2006. The locals call this 'blue water' by contrast with the muddy or milky water that flows through Sturt Creek.

Other photos of this flood may be posted later.

In February I flew by Cessna to Gibb river Station to do some work at Wanalirri School. We were due to leave by 4.00pm. About 3pm there was a rainstorm. By the time we got to the airstrip there were some puddles on the strip. The first take-off attempt was abandoned and we came to a halt well within the airstrip's length. The pilot then made another attempt. At times muddy water was thrown back as the plane grudgingly gathered speed. Fortunately, the take-off was successful this time. Otherwise we would have been staying overnight. There were thunderstorms around Broome but not over the town at the time we arrived, which was fortunate.

2002: Only a few days after I stayed overnight at Pardoo, Cyclone Chris flattened the accommodation. I had been staying in the end room (see the red arrow). The moral is avoid end rooms during storms.


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