From 1986 Nick was able to follow his dream of adult education. He was adult educator for the young men at the Wirrumanu Adult Centre at Balgo. Br. Nick was always the innovator. It is a mark of his ability that the catalogue sheets he prepared for the first Walayirti Art exhibition were still in use ten years later. The sheet recorded the story of a painting, the artist's name and other details.

Br Nick also spent some time each week setting up a Book Production Centre at Luurnpa School, Balgo. With Anthony Mudji and Brian Gordon, they printed a Kukatja dictionary for the school and several kukatja books. Nick had previously published his Nulungu teaching materials as printed workbooks.

Graphic: Cover of a Kukatja Book published at Balgo in 1987. Photo: Berkeley Fitzhardinge.

Nick then moved to the Literature Production Centre at Bathurst Island for four years (1988-1991). It was during this time that Nick was active setting up the Bathurst Island Museum at Nguiu.

Photo: In the Design Room at Nguiu School. Photo: Berkeley Fitzhardinge.

Cover of kukatja textbook

Nick at Bathurst Island Photo: The Nulungu Chapel designed by Nick.
Art by Carlene Smith Artwork by Carlene Smith