Patrick C Mohen cfc (1931-2010)

Poet, Christian Brother, teacher and life-long advocate for Ecology, Sustainable Living, Peace and Social Justice.

Featured Poem

Tropical Communion

The rains have finally fallen
after endless months of drought
and years of water restrictions,
rich moisture falling from clouds,
that beneficial blanket of the skies
showers are continuous not isolated
its a long time since a similar display
graced us with such a sky-ballet,
we give thanks for a meteorological
miracle of the wild clouded skies
may the winds blow and the clouds
continue to bless with abundant rain,
the showers fall and a wonderment
fills our collective sad- parched soul,
we are reborn into a rich abundance.

Poems 2, 2003-2006, page 68 All poems copyright © Estate Pat Mohen


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