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Patrick C Mohen cfc (1931 - 2010)

Poet, Christian Brother, teacher and life-long advocate for Ecology, Sustainable Living, Peace and Social Justice.

A Selection of his Poems and Writings

Tropical Communion
The essence of all love
is pouring out of the sky
with the late-afternoon rain.

Today we slugged it out,
planting long lines of coffee,
sweat pouring from our bodies,
always fighting the tall grass
as we slashed a circle of earth
to liberate each precious bush,
creating its domain of existence,
hundreds upon hundreds planted
in precisely disciplined rows.

 And now it is pouring rain,
a blessing baptising the puniness
of all our human strivings,
and we stand in silent prayer,
letting it purify our dull bodies,
in streams of great Godness.

(Poem 198,  New Guinea  © Estate Pat Mohen 2013)

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