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Patrick C Mohen cfc (1931 - 2010)

Poet, Christian Brother, teacher and life-long advocate for Ecology, Sustainable Living, Peace and Social Justice.

Catalogues of Pat Mohen's Poems

At least two of Pat Mohen's poems have been published publicly (see Links):
Problems on Christian Centre for Social Action Blog, Sept 3. 2009
The Not So Good Times in The National Catholic Reporter, Oct 27, 2000

Many of his poems have been published privately in Omega a series of poetry anthologies. Others were given to family and friends. There are also 4 unpublished collections of poems plus a document titled "A Hundred Poems by Br Patrick Mohen cfc".

The poems published in Omega can be dated to within a year or so. Pat numbered most of his poems as he wrote them. He wrote a poem on reaching his 1,000th poem. Unfortunately poems published in Omega and in the unpublished collections are missing their number so it is impossible to establish an exact chronology or date most of the poems.

In 1981 there was a special edition of Omega devoted to Pat's poems. I have access to this as well as to a number of Omega issues pre 2000 and all the issues of Omega from 2000 on. I am awaiting poem details for some early Omega issues plus details from a collection of originals of poems from the Christian Brothers Archives.

Catalogues of Pat Mohen's Poems:

Main Catalogue of Pat Mohen's Poems - updated 30th Sept 2012
Pat Mohen's Poems - First lines - updated 30th Sept 2012
Omega 1981 Special Edition Poems with place and year of creation.
Collections of Pat Mohen's Poems

As other poems are located they will be added to the main catalogue.

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