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Patrick C Mohen cfc (1931 - 2010)

Poet, Christian Brother, teacher and life-long advocate for Ecology, Sustainable Living, Peace and Social Justice.

Pat Mohen Links

Some links that relate to Pat's life, work or writings:

Pat Mohen Links
Christian Centre for Social Action
Problems A poem by Pat written about the incident in the newspaper cutting from the same page. He worked as an active volunteer at this Centre, even moving to a flat nearby to be closer.
National Catholic Reporter
The Not So Good Times - One of Pat's poems published in the National Catholic Reporter Oct 27, 2000 (copyright)
Highgate Old Boys
Pat is listed on a select list of alumni.
Pat Mohen on Justice and Peace
Edmund Rice Family News - August 2005
Edmund Rice Network News - October 2004 article and painting.


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